These two littles are „Mauz“ the cat and „Bommel“ the bunny. I did one drawing a day for 90 days. I just do it, no concept, no presketching, i just start with my inkpen. So there is one leg to short or some perspective view a little strange, but i love how this comes out. It´ s just the way it is. I think about the day and what happened to get my ideas for Mauz and Bommel.


This little mouse is “ Fips“. I am working on a book with a cute story and this are the first ideas of Fips- what he can wear or how he look like when he is happy or angry. The story will tell you about Fips way to learn to love the rain. Because he  don ´ t like it, as you can imagine. I will do the story in german for the beginning.