Hello, my name is Kristin. I live in our mobile home with my husband and our fluffy dog. We travel europe since may 2018 and i create little illustrations based on the experiences of our journey. To have less things frees my mind and creativity. This way to live teaches me to be thankful of all these little things like butterflies, sunflower fields and hiking the mountains to see wild animals. If i am not drawing i am a passionated gamer, but i have to  dispense with it during our life on wheels.


To live like that gives me the time i needed to draw that often i want to. I had an education as „graphic assistent“. I studied Communication Design, but at this time i did not know i could make drawing for a living. So i blundered into tattooing and i did this very successful for 12 years. But i felt limited in my creativity and the design options i had. I realized there are so much more possibilities with digital and tradional art and i started to follow this dream and work for it.

I love cards, shirts, mugs, stickers, books and all these things you can put a print on. I remered how much i enjoied to learn about the printing process and make a book by my own.  I still own my sticker albums from my childhood and i don ´t become tired of collecting them. All these paper gifts, patterns on fabrics and these different moods you can suggest with just some brush strokes- i am passionated about that!